About Us:

Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry was founded in 1985 by several local pastors. Their churches often learned of families in desperate financial   need but were challenged in verifying which requests were reasonable. They agreed that an agency staffed by persons trained to do social assessments was the answer. This compassion for the needy gave birth to a caring partnership of local ministries and the United Way.

Many churches now give annually to support Crisis Assistance Ministry and feel the freedom to refer clients to us. They have found that Crisis Assistance is best able to determine legitimate needs and provide these families the help they need to keep going, and to hold their homes together. We welcome partnerships with new churches which always helps us in caring for their families.

Assisting Our Clients:
 The level and legitimacy of each client’s need is verified through a staff interview and assessment process. When a client is designated to receive financial aid, a check is sent directly to their utility company, landlord, or pharmacy. Financial gifts are never given directly to clients. 

n addition, our staff is able to help these families develop a plan for financial management. We can also supply them with emergency non-perishable food and personal hygiene items. Our client support center is used to help families search online for affordable local housing and for workshops on how to manage a budget.