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Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry is a place where people can find a caring ear, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to treat then with dignity in times of unexpected crises. Each week, trained staff minister to people in need. Food is provided, and assistance with utilities, rent, mortgage and many other necessities of life are made available. All assistance is paid directly to the provider. No cash is distributed to clients.
                                                          Major Programs

Crisis Intervention Program

This program provides emergency financial assistance for basic needs such as mortgage, rent, utilities,  and emergency food. 

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program

Our Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program is designed to help program participants plan for a future without debt and to pursue achievable goals. This program also offers services necessary to assist clients with critical skills related to household budgeting, managing money and building assets. We work collaboratively with local churches and our Community Partners. 

Information and Referrals

Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry serves as a clearinghouse for information and referrals for food, clothing and other assistance for individuals facing financial difficulty. 

Emergency Food Pantry

Vital food and personal care products are provided to families who fail to qualify for public assistance. Financially strapped households desperately need basic personal care items provided by our Emergency Food Pantry during times of unexpected crisis.