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Crisis Intervention Program

This program provides emergency financial assistance for basic needs such as mortgage, rent, utilities.


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Program

This program provides skills, knowledge, and understanding on how to change financial behavior. This is done by one on one long term case management to assist clients in setting financial goals and helping them obtain those goals.


Information and Referrals

Information and Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry serves as a clearinghouse for information, referrals for food, clothing and other assistance for individuals facing financial difficulty.


Emergency Food Pantry

Vital food and personal care products are provided to families who fail to qualify for public assistance. Financially strapped households desperately need basic personal care items provided by our Emergency Food Pantry during times of unexpected crisis.


Client Assistance

The level and legitimacy of each client’s need is verified through a staff interview and assessment process. When a client is designated to receive financial aid, a check is sent directly to their utility company, landlord, or pharmacy. Financial gifts are never given directly to clients. In addition, our staff can help these families develop a plan for financial management. We can also supply them with emergency non-perishable food and personal hygiene items. Our client support center is used to help families search online for affordable local housing and for workshops on how to manage a budget.


Case Management

Trained case managers assist residents of Union County in resolving a variety of crisis situations including housing stability and emergency food. After an initial needs assessment is conducted, staff and volunteers work with the individual or family on solutions that not only resolve the initial crisis, but offer tools to achieve longer-term stability. Budgeting, financial literacy workshops and counseling on solving practical problems are offered to bring stability to the family for the future. Case managers also provide referrals to other helpful resources.