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Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry

When families fall upon hard times, we need to help them get back on their pathway to financial stability and success.

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The mission of Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry is to alleviate and prevent financial crises and to help local families achieve self-sufficiency and stability.

We fulfill this mission through the services we offer to our clients.

For emergency financial assistance we work by appointments and referrals from Union County Department of Human Services

Service Hours:

Mon – Friday 9:00am- 5:00pm

Our Emergency Food Pantry does not require an appointment and is for individuals who fail to qualify for public food assistance.

Clients in need of emergency food can receive assistance every 3-6 months.

Address: 1333 West Roosevelt Blvd,

Monroe, NC 28110

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently working remotely and our office is closed due to safety precautions regarding COVID-19. Please call our crisis hotline at: 704-225-0440 for assistance.


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 Each year, thousands of hardworking individuals and families find themselves in an unexpected financial crisis.

Whether facing illness, vulnerable to losing a home, or simply just unable make ends meet, Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry is here for those in need of information, referrals and emergency financial assistance.

We offer hope and financial stability to our families in crisis. We strive to help qualified clients move from a place of need to one of independence through our financial literacy assistance program.


Services Offered

  • Food pantry

  • Funds for emergency needs
  • Referrals for other clothing needs & household items

  • Referral information for other sources of assistance

  • Budget planning assistance

  • School supplies

  • Agency Referrals 

  • Follow-up with clients for additional help


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While we accept walk-ins for emergency food for those who fail to qualify for public food assistance and information.

An appointment is needed for financial assistance.

These are the first four steps to qualification.

1. A referral from Division of Human Services


2. You must live or work in Union County


3. You must have proof of employment or proof that you are receiving Social Security or disability


4. During the past 12 months, you cannot have received financial assistance from Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry


Verification Process 

Please READ and make sure you UNDERSTAND our verification process.

-All information that you provide to us will be verified.

-Being less than truthful will prevent you from receiving assistance.

-An appointment doesn’t mean you will receive financial assistance.

-An appointment can last up to 60 minutes and includes budget counseling.

If you receive an appointment, here’s what you must provide:

  • Copies of a lease or mortgage agreement.

  • If you get assistance, the payment goes to a landlord or utility company.

  • A copy of pay stubs for last 2 weeks or award letters (on paper) for disability or social security for all working adults in the family

  • For Rent or Mortgage Assistance: A written statement of how much is owed to date plus the landlord’s email or FAX number.

Financial Education 

At Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry, we provide one-on-one financial coaching.

This is a great way to get a personalized look at your specific situation in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Community outreach provides financial experts to speak at your organization's next event by working with our community partners.

Financial literacy workshops provide information on a variety of topics such as:

  • debt reduction
  • improving credit
  • starting your own business
  • couponing
  • owning your own home.

Classes are offered in a fun and inviting atmosphere and are open to the public free of charge.



Our Programs 

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

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Emergency Food Pantry

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The mission of Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry’s Crisis Intervention Program is to provide a bridge from crisis to stability for individuals in our community who are at risk of losing their most basic needs of shelter and food during personal or family crisis.


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Monroe, Nc 28110


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