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I am a 76 years old and have been working in Union County for over 30 years. After retiring from  Charlotte Plastics I have been working two jobs to care for my oldest Son who was terminally ill.  Recently I lost my Son to cancer.  I would like to thank Union Crisis Assistance Ministry for the blessings and support through these troubled times.  The Ministry has lent an ear and a helpful hand in my time of crisis.  Thank you for the inspiration and love God has provided through this ministry.  When times get tough remember to look up and God will inspire and guide you.   Peggy Graham
"While driving to work, my husband was in an automobile crash that paralyzed his legs. He also suffered brain damage and can not work. Crisis Assistance helped us keep our electricity on.”      Mrs. V. C.   
“When our child passed away, we were faced with huge debts. Your kind gift allowed us to keep our home.”       
                                                                                 Mr. N.D.
"I would have frozen to death during the winter months if Crisis Assistance  hadn't helped me to buy fuel for my furnace."
                                                                 Mrs. J.N.