Jane's UCCAM Story 

Jane was referred to our agency from Union County Shelter. Jane was permanently laid off in March due to not being an essential employee.

In addition to her employment being affected by the coronavirus, Jane is experiencing a medical crisis as she has been taking her daughter to New York for cancer treatments.

Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry was able to assist Jane with her rent during her crisis.

Benjamin's UCCAM Story

Benjamin came to Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry seeking assistance with his rent payment. Due to the coronavirus he was laid off from  his job  with a local retailer when the store he worked at closed in April. 

UCCAM was able to offer Benjamin hope during his time of difficulty and because of their help, he was able to stay in his home. In May, Benjamin found a new job and he is back on his feet.


Sarah's UCCAM Story 

Sarah came to Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry requesting assistance with her rent. She works as an independent contractor in the freight transportation industry and because of COVID-19 she had to close up her business. 

Sarah is currently applying for unemployment in order to stay afloat with her bills and expenses. She is waiting to reopen her business as soon as the state of North Carolina allows and when that happens she is looking forward to signing a contract with Duke Energy.

UCCAM was able to help Sarah stay in her home during this time of uncertainty and economic loss! 

Ms.Smith's UCCAM Story

Ms.Smith has been a hair stylist in Monroe for over 20 years. Due to COVID-19, Ms.Smith had to close her shop.

Normally, she can maintain and always pays her bills on time, but with no income  coming in for almost two months, she was falling behind on her bills.

UCCAM was able to help Ms.Smith with her mortgage to help get her back on her feet until her employment would start. 


Candace's UCCAM Story 

Candace has been out of work for months and does not have any income coming in to pay her bills. She is employed with the local school system.

Due to COVID-19 all school systems in North Carolina were completely shut down for the rest of the school year. Catherine was in dire need of help.

She contacted UCCAM and requested emergency assistance for a utility bill. Our agency was able to help with the utility payment and bring relief to her situation

Katrina's UCCAM Story

Katrina was furloughed from her job due to COVID-19.

The mortgage was past due, and she really needed help. She contacted UCCAM and requested emergency assistance.

We were able to assist her in her time of need with the mortgage payment.

David's UCCAM Story 

David has been out of work for a year. His wife, who works in the cafeteria of a local health care facility has been the only household income.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 quarantine his wife has not been able to work in over three weeks. David requested emergency assistance from UCCAM with  utility bills.

Our agency was able to assist David and his wife with the utility payment to help during their time of unemployment and uncertainty.

The Sosa's UCCAM Story

Mrs.Sosa is a kidney transplant recipient. After returning home from her transplant, Mrs.Sosa was diagnosed with COVID-19.

She was then hospitalized because of the virus. Mr.Sosa, her husband, worked for a local manufacturing company in Monroe and because of his exposure to the virus, he was unable to report to work for three weeks. 

The extensive hospital stays and quarantine due to COVID-19 caused the Sosa's to fall behind on their rent. 

Our agency was able to provide a month's rent for the Sosa's to provide time for them to heal from the virus and get back to work.


Jennifer's UCCAM Story 

Jennifer, a self-employed beautician, had to close her shop in March due to COVID-19. She exhausted all her savings to pay the mortgage and other bills.

Jennifer contacted UCCAM requesting emergency assistance for a utility bill. Our agency was able to assist her during her time of great need.

Issac's UCCAM Story

In March of this year Issac was laid off from his job due to COVID-19. A return to work date is yet unknown. Issac who had never been to our agency for help was now facing eviction.

He called our crisis hotline and requested emergency financial assistance. UCCAM was able to assist Issac with a payment for the past due rent. He is grateful to our agency for assisting him in his time of need.


John's UCCAM Story 

John came to Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry for assistance with his power bill. He was affected by COVID-19 when he was exposed to the virus while working at a local retailer.

He was laid off from his job due to being quarantined in addition to his doctor advising additional time off work due to other health conditions.

John is currently on a leave of absence but hopes to return to work soon. His wife works part-time but without his income, the family is struggling to make ends meet. UCCAM was there for John in his time of need, to ensure his basic needs were met.

Joesph's UCCAM Story

Joseph and his entire family have been impacted by the coronavirus. He works in the technology industry and is currently working from home in a decreased capacity.

His wife who works for a local healthcare clinic has had her hours cut due to COVID-19. Joseph's oldest son who is a photographer,  has been without work due to the pandemic.

This family was struggling due to the widespread economic effects of this virus on their livelihood. Joseph and his family contacted UCCAM for emergency assistance with their utility bills
. Our agency was able to offer them vital aid in their time of need.


Bridging the Gap Between Crisis and Hope since 1985

The mission of Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry’s Crisis Intervention Program is to provide a bridge from crisis to stability for individuals in our community who are at risk of losing their most basic needs of shelter and food during personal or family crisis.