About Us

We care for those at risk of becoming homeless in our community

through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency.

Lack of food, funds and affordable housing create true disasters in the lives of our clients.

Our goal is to be there first with them to help them dig out of the rubble and return to stability as quickly as possible.


Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry

When families fall upon hard times, we need to help them get back on their pathway to financial stability and success.

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Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry (UCCAM) is a private non-profit 501c3 organization.

Since 1985, Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry has responded to our neighbors experiencing a short-term crisis by providing basic needs – rent, mortgage, utilities, food, and personal care products.


Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry’s (UCCAM) vision is one of a caring community where basic needs are provided so that all residents can achieve and enjoy economic self-sufficiency.

Your simple acts of kindness makes difficult times brighter for families in crisis.


Emergency Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to avoid eviction or foreclosure, or to avoid loss of heating or cooling during critical seasons after the clients inability to solve their problem on their own.

Information and Referrals

We serve as a clearinghouse for information and referrals for food,clothing and other assistance for individuals facing financial difficulty.

Emergency Food Pantry

Vital food and personal care products are provided to families who fail to qualify for public assistance.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

This program is designed to help consumers understand and achieve financial goal-setting, budgeting and building wealth.

 Our History


In early 1982, a task force on Emergency Assistance was appointed by United Way’s Union County Social Planning Committee to address problems in the delivery of emergency financial services to families in crises.

The major problems centered on some people falling between the cracks while others abused the available programs. A method of coordinating the programs of local organizations and churches was indicated and the idea of a local Crisis Assistance Ministry was born.

The Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry program was developed based on United Way providing administrative funding, with local churches providing direct assistance funds, which could be used to help local families in need of emergency assistance.

Initially, The Salvation Army in Charlotte operated the program. After almost two years’ operation under The Salvation Army, Crisis Assistance Ministry became a separate agency, incorporated in Union County in 1985.



Bridging the Gap Between Crisis and Hope since 1985

The mission of Union County Crisis Assistance Ministry’s Crisis Intervention Program is to provide a bridge from crisis to stability for individuals in our community who are at risk of losing their most basic needs of shelter and food during personal or family crisis.